Carmelo Anthony Visits Allah School In Mecca

The NBA star stops by the international headquarters of the 5% Nation in Harlem yesterday

After the media and fan inquiries in April over Jay-Z and Carmelo Anthony’s bearing of the Universal Flag, the flag of the 5% Nation, Carmelo cleared the air in terms of his stance after briefly stopping by Allah School In Mecca yesterday.

Friday evening, the Knicks star made an appearance at the school of the 5% Nation, also known as the Nation Of Gods And Earths, which is located at 2122 7th Avenue, just around the corner from the Apollo Theater. According to reports, Anthony was there to donate 48 Jordan brand basketball uniforms for a tournament being held in commemoration of neighboring Saint Nicholas Projects’ Old Timers Day as well as the memory of Darrell Clark. Clark was a 16 year old aspiring basketball player and Five Percenter with asthma who passed away during a game.

Carmelo arrived at the Youth Center, which was given to the Nation’s founder Allah by NYC Mayor Lindsay in 1967, with a few 5% family members in tow and the controversial medallion on his neck. He was greeted by Allah B, one of the school’s facilitators, who said that it was totally unexpected for the b-ball star to show up at Allah School.

“Black Just told me that he was coming to drop the uniforms off. I didn’t even know that he was bringing Carmelo”, says Allah B. “He went in the yard with the women and children and interacted with the people passing by. He wanted to be here for the tournament, but he was going out of town last night, so he stopped by first and dropped the uniforms off. He said Fat Joe was having a game, so he said he was headed there, then out of town.”

Anthony recently signed a new $124 million contract with the Knicks, so it appears that Melo is just making himself comfortable in his Big Apple home. Now let’s just hope that the Knick fans love him as much as the Gods and Earths.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

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Appendix B: Mayor’s Man with Bankers’ Plan? Barry Gottehrer, the Invention of the New Left, and the “Eastern Establishment” Plot to Retake New York OR How John Lindsay First Met Allah

see full chapter here:



As part of his UATF operation, Gottehrer became a "bag man" of sorts to a Harlem-headquartered sect known as the Five Percenters. The Five Percenters, to put it mildly, is a difficult organization to describe but the group may be seen as something like a cross between a teenage gang and a New Religious Movement. Although on the surface it appears cult like, it is difficult to label the group as a cult given its remarkably decentralized nature and constantly evolving and contradictory beliefs, a fact that makes it especially difficult to identify any fixed dogma.23 Although Five Percenters labeled Harlem "Mecca," Brooklyn "Medina," and Queens "the Desert," it was not Muslim and had nothing in common with orthodox Muslim beliefs from either the Shia or Sunni traditions. Highly synchronistic, the group drew its beliefs from many different sources: Noble Drew Ali's Moorish Science Temple, some of the teachings and iconography of Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam, passages from the Qur'an, and various numerological beliefs popularized by Ira "Allah El" Johnson, who ran his own Harlem sect.24

As for the name "Five Percenters," it came from the belief that 85% of the black population lived in ignorance because it had been cruelly deceived by a ruling elite of some 10% of the black community led by the black churches. This left just 5% of the enlightened to carry the message that God was black and that black men, the first men on earth, needed to understand their divine nature. However, the Five Percenters strongly rejected the idea of a "mystery god" and the related idea that they were a religion in any conventional sense of the term.

The organization centered on its founder, a Korean War vet and former Black Muslim named Clarence 13X Smith who later renamed himself "Allah." On his path to enlightenment, Allah spent time as an inmate at the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, a notorious hell hole.25 Although it is almost impossible to offer a precise date as to when the Five Percenters first began, the group clearly picked up steam after Allah's release from Matteawan on 6 March 1967.

Somewhat incredibly, Gottehrer spent both city money and private funds to help Allah expand his hold over ghetto youth. He even financed free bus trips to the beach and plane rides over the city for select Five Percenters and he convinced the Urban League to create a Fiver Percenter "street academy" in the heart of Harlem that doubled as the group's clubhouse. For their part, the Five Percenters allegedly helped suppress riots in Harlem after the assassination of Doctor Martin Luther King. Although this claim has been repeated ad nauseam, I have not seen any proof that the Five Percenters served as John Lindsay's Tonton Macoutes and somehow stopped the riots. What is true is that the riots that took place in Harlem following Doctor King's murder were not nearly as extensive as in many other cities. Yet it seems hard to believe that the Five Percenters – basically a bunch of teenagers led by a man whom many thought mad – prevented Harlem from going up in flames.

Be that as it may, a leading historian of the Five Percenters named Michael Muhammad Knight reports that after King's murder:

In New York, Allah received public commendation for his efforts and his followers were praised as peacemakers, despite one television report that identified looters as Five Percenters. "The Five Percenters," says Sid Davidoff, were "as important as anyone" involved with preventing riots that night. A photo of Allah and Lindsay hung in the street academy's window, signed by the mayor: "to Allah, thanks a lot." Allah signed a duplicate print that would later hang in Gottehrer's City Hall office: "to the greatest mayor that ever been in New York City." At a memorial ceremony for King in Central Park, Mayor Lindsay, Percy Sutton, and Charles Kenyatta were among those looking on as Allah was embraced by Governor Nelson Rockefeller.26

Allah's photo even graced the cover of the 22 April 1968 issue New York Magazine for an article by Gloria Steinem and Lloyd Weaver entitled "Special Report: The City on the Eve of Destruction."27

On 12 June 1969, Allah – a well-known gambler – was gunned down in a Harlem tenement building at 21 West 112th Street. Knight reports that

Though Allah had just won at craps, police found no cash on him; his wallet contained only receipts indicating that he had been on the city's payroll ("Tension Reduction Fund"). At 9:45 p.m., the NYO [New York Office of the FBI] sent a teletype marked "urgent" to J. Edgar Hoover, informing him that "the leader of the Five Percenters, a Negro youth group" and "recent aide to Mayor John Lindsay" had been gunned down.28

Given that Allah had made so many enemies – including countless fellow gamblers whom he had alienated – it is impossible to know for sure who shot him and why. Just a few days earlier, however, Charles 37X Kenyatta was nearly killed in an assassination attempt and it seems not unreasonable to wonder whether or not both hits may have been connected to their ties to Gottehrer.29

After Allah's death, Mayor Lindsay visited the Five Percenter headquarters and informed the assembled mourners, "Brothers, I hope you know the sadness in my heart at Allah's death." Lindsay told them that Allah's "contribution was an important one in these last few years, most especially in the world of education." Was Lindsay referring specifically to Allah's numerous numerological interpretations of reality? Gottehrer, who attended Allah's funeral, aptly remarks that "Allah was a hard act to follow."30


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